Our team helps bring your investment goals to fruition. Braemar Partners will add value to your portfolio by leveraging our extensive senior living development knowledge and experience. Our goal is to provide all your development services, oversee all parties involved, and coordinate the successful completion of your project, while ensuring you a maximum return with minimal risk. We allow you the ability to focus on your core business while we execute the program and development scope of your investment.

Braemar Partners has expertise in site selection, property entitlement, project construction and asset management. Our ability to control costs on design and construction differentiates us from our competitors. Our track record is strong and we have delivered all past projects on time and within budget.

We accomplish this by remaining engaged throughout the entitlement, design and construction process. Our focus on asset management during all phases of the development fosters strong relationships with the property management team so we can help drive occupancy and revenue. This hands-on approach has allowed us to achieve investment returns in excess of underwriting on all 14+ projects we have helped develop.

With the extensive senior living experience of the Braemar Partners team, we will generate a positive return for your investment by remaining committed and focused through the entire development process.


No challenge is too great.
Our track record is strong.

Braemar Partners was founded by a diversified team of real estate and construction professionals with experience in all facets of the development process. Our company’s foundation is set on the principle that no challenge is too great and every challenge creates opportunities for positive change, resulting in amazing communities for Seniors. Our experiences are inspiration to challenge us to improve the quality of life for our residents and maximize the returns of our investment partners.

Braemar Partners successfully navigates the challenges of site selection, entitlement, program/design, and construction with a strong “hands-on” approach.  Each project is managed as if it is our personal investment. Emphasis on schedule and budget is the foundation of our strength. Our track record is strong. We have delivered every project on time and within budget, by remaining engaged through the entire programming, entitlement, design, and construction process. Ultimately, our team has delivered positive investment returns in excess of underwriting since 2007.

Our success in controlling costs without compromising quality is achieved by creating a positive rapport with all parties involved, including, but not limited to, lenders, local officials, architects, engineers, contractors, vendors, and the asset management team. With experience throughout the country, Braemar Partners has the expertise to assist regardless of the project location.